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#17 Martinez St., Engineer’s Hill, Baguio City

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Kalapaw - Ilocos Food Adventure

Ilocos brings images of antiquated houses, cobbled narrow streets, calesas and friendly faces peering out of large windows, a place where “time stood still”. A living museum as they say. Yet despite of all the romantic images this place provokes, much is still unfamiliar about the historic Vigan.

No one would anticipate that a beautiful house located at Baguio City, where tourists keep on discovering and kept amazed.More than the beautiful garden and superb potteries, KALAPAW is the place where Filipino hospitality is felt.

They not only look very atttractive and create a more pleasant environment for the visitors but also act as natural filters. This is what makes KALAPAW special.

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Bagnet Meal - perfect with KBL, just like how its enjoyed in ILOCOS

Php 149.99



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